Planning your outdoor living and deciding which is the best option can be complicated. Below are the commonly asked questions from clients , however if you can’t find the information your require please contact us and we can help answer any other queries.

Who is Patioland?
Patioland is a family owned & operated business who has been located in Hornsby & constructing in Sydney’s northern suburbs for over 25 years.


Can you assist with local council & relevant statutory approvals?

Yes. Dealing with local councils can at times be frustrating and very confusing. We are familiar and work closely with all councils within our area of service so we can take this worry off your hands. If you are you unsure if you require approval we can help make the assessment for you.

Can you provide Home Warranty Insurance?

Yes. For all contracts $20,000.00 and over, Home Warranty Insurance is legally required and provided.

How long does the process take?

There is no set timeframe for the process, especially if local council approvals are required. However we generally advise that this process can take anywhere from three weeks to three months, depending on the individual council.

Once the approvals have been received your work can then be inserted into our roster which on average sees commencement within six weeks. Naturally this is subject to weather conditions and throughout this process we will keep you updated of progress.

Can you work in with other trades that might be also working on my home?

Yes, we commonly work with our trade teams & are practised to ensure smooth operations. The key is frequent communication with all parties involved. We can also recommend complimentary trades if required.

Do we need to be home during construction?

Not necessarily. It is great for you to be home when we first commence so we can introduce you to our team, but generally we only need access to the site where we are constructing and to power. How this proceeds will be planned with you when we schedule your job for installation. Be assured that your day to day living will not be inconvenienced.

What materials are used to construct your patio covers?

Most commonly we construct our patio covers with Colorbond steel it is

  • Stronger
  • More durable
  • Less wastage
  • Generally smaller framing sections are required & less of them
  • Less maintenance
  • Fully engineered

We are also experienced constructing timber pergolas if this style suits your home better.

What about ongoing maintenance & service?

Upon completion you are provided with a detailed maintenance guide which, when followed, will ensure that you’re outdoor living area remains looking as great as it does once completed and sees you enjoying the area for many years to come. We can assist with ongoing maintenance, please contact us to book in a maintenance session.

All of our timber decks come with a two year complimentary maintenance plan. This is unique to the industry and you won’t have to do anything to see your deck continue to look immaculate.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes. All constructions are provided with a ten year structural guarantee and two year warranty on all electrical.

Can you install light fittings to our outdoor living area?

Yes. We work closely with a licenced electrician, which means that we can include outdoor heating & light fittings built right into your outdoor living area. We ask that you purchase your own light fittings which sees you obtain exactly what you desire.

As an added benefit, we have a relationship with “Beacon Lighting” which see all of our clients obtain a 15% discount for all purchases.

Are you able to construct in bush fire zones?

Yes, this is our specialty.

Are you unsure as to what bush fire zone you are in?

What about what materials you can and can not use?

We can ensure that your new outdoor living area complies with relevant Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard requirements.

Are you insured?

Yes. We hold current Public Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation & Home Warranty Insurance eligibility.

Do you sub-contract out work?

Yes, but generally they only work for Patioland and have the same values and work ethics that we adhere to and promote.

How much does it cost to enhance your ‘Outdoor Living Area’?

How long is a piece of string? It depends on numerous factors, firstly – what type of structure are you considering? An exterior floor covering will vary considerably to a patio cover or visa versa. Costs can vary considerably depending on site conditions, council requirements, design, materials, bushfire zoning, colours etc.

Everything that we construct is individually tailored & designed to your requirements – we do not price per square metre. We work with you to design your Outdoor Living Area & price per component required.

A basic addition can start at $10,000, with the ultimate rising to over $250,000, however to give you an indication – our average construction over the last two years has been approximately $40,000.

How are payments made?

Your total contract price is divided up into a series of progress payments. The total amount of payments varies from four to five total standard payments – the frequency and size of payments is dependant on the contract cost and timeline of construction. Remember that this can assist you with your own budget.

So, how do you get started?

Choosing a building provider is an important decision, as this trusted company will guide you on the important decisions of design, materials and assist in the council and building requirements.

For a free design consultation with Patioland or to find out more information to inspire your outdoor living contact us by:

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  2. Opening Hours:
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