Patioland Services & Standards

Through our extensive experience, let us take care of the whole project to maximise your time. Our services in addition to the construction of your outdoor living area, include:

  • Local Council Applications
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Bushfire Reports
  • Sydney Water approvals – including construction near/over easements

Our Sustainable products

Patioland’s product range can help reduce overall energy consumption by:

  • Allowing the user to control the amount of sunlight and providing ventilation reducing the need for air-conditioning
  • Increased light reducing power costs
  • Insulation in flooring and roofing as well as screening options to reduce the need for heating
  • Motorised equipment with Patioland’s Eclipse roofing uses a 12volt system that is energy efficient and uses minimal electricity

Our Compliance

Patioland is accustomed to working within the BASIX guidelines set out by NSW Government. We are familiar with the options and work with clients to achieve the targets and ensure our work contributes to certification. We consider all aspects of positioning and orientation of structures in product development to ensure optimal shading and sunlight in accordance with green home initiatives.

Our Building to Standards

Operating within the geographic area of northern Sydney suburbs construction within Bush Fire Zones is very common place and has become our specialty.

We assist clients to make informed decisions regarding the allowable design for the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) that applies to their property. We arrange assessments by a qualified specialist to lodge with Local Council if required and based on this, the structure and its materials are selected to comply with the Australian and Local Building Standards.

All Patioland work complies with the statutory requirements of the National Construction Code, Australian Standards and Local Council Legislations relevant to that project.