Are you a cold frog & have dug out the uggies already?

Are you like me & wishing Summer would be here today but Winter hasn’t even started yet?

We have your Winter wo’s solved…We are turning the tables on Jack Frost & are celebrating Winter to help you entertain outdoors in comfort & style

How? By including a BONUS ‘Heatstrip’ into your new outdoor living area.

By bonus we mean – zip, zero, zilch!

This way you still can entertain in your Outdoor Living Area even during Winter?

What’s the next step? It’s easy; let’s just get the process started now before the offer expires & we’ll include the BONUS ‘Heatstrip’ into your new outdoor cover.


Don’t fall into the trap that ‘We’ll throw it in later” – you won’t, I’ve seen it too many times. You’ll just sit in your outdoor living area wishing & saying to yourself “If I only had…”

And then if you do, you’ll spoil all the good work we’ve done by having electrical conduit run all over the structure & it will just look terrible.

Heatstrip have a stylish, sleek & unobtrusive design & provide efficient, cost-effective outdoor heating with a gentle warmth.

So where will you be sitting this Winter?

This is the nitty gritty:

  • Bonus available for all contract values over $30,000 & accepted by COB 31 May 2021
  • Ceiling mounted of unit included, ‘Flush Mount’ enclosure additional
  • Includes internal wall mounted switch plate & remote control operation
  • Choice of Heatstrip ‘Classic’ (this is the black one) THH2400 or ‘Elegance’ (this is the white one) THE2400
  • If required a new electrical circuit is not included & additional charges will apply