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“Knotwood” Aluminium Decking
– For Entertaining, not maintaining

A revolution in decking

If you love the natural look of timber but don’t have time for the staining and long term commitment to maintenance? Patioland’s Knotwood aluminium decking board gives you the beauty of timber without the hard work.

Using the latest technology, you can enjoy your outdoor living area for years without any maintenance of splinters. The unique interlocking boards also mean your area is waterproof.

The 3 Myths of ‘Knotwood’

 Number 1: ‘Knotwood’ is slippery when wet

The STF powder coat finish on Knotwood decking makes it very slip resistant. Don’t just take my word for it though. Independent testing by the CSIRO rated knotwood decking as ‘low slip’ using two standardised tests. If that wasnt enough for you, check out this slip test we did ourselves!

Number 2: ‘Knotwood’ Gets Hot in the Sun

We are on site during a recently completed ‘Knotwood’ installation & we thought we would answer one of our most common questions “How hot does Knotwood get?’

Aluminium is an excellent reflector of radiant energy & is approximately three times as thermally-conductive as steel, which is important in heat-exchange applications, whether heating or cooling. Knotwood’s UV rated poly powder coat finish both protects and insulates it.

Number 3: ‘Knotwood’ is easy to scratch

Knotwood’s durable finish is scratch resistant and difficult to corrode. Independent testing conducted by AkzoNobel showed that Knotwood was corrosion resistant even after 1000 hours of accelerated corrosion testing. When properly cured, Knotwood’s powder coat finish forms a single solid layer, protecting it from scratches. The only way to scratch Knotwood is to gouge through the powder coat. So unless you go to town on it with a screwdriver, Knotwood will remain looking as good as new. If you’re still not satisfied, heres a video to show it.

Material Colour Options:

Knotwood is available in the following 21 timber finishes as well as your Dulux Powder Coat colour range.  Click here to view the range of finishes available.

Technical Details:

  • 105mm cover width
  • 6005mm straight, standard board lengths
  • 21 timber finishes
  • 10 year warranty on coating
  • Secret fixing – so you don’t see any nail or screw heads

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Features and Benefits

  • No timber rot
  • Long term durability – never stain again
  • Termite proof
  • Won’t splinter or crack like timber
  • Environmentally friendly
  • unique interlocking boards mean your decked area is waterproof
  • suitable for construction in bushfire prone areas
  • Compliant for all bushfire attack levels