If you live anywhere from Seaforth upto Palm Beach within the Local Council of the Northern Beaches than one of their recent changes will affect you. 

If you are required to lodge a Development Application for your outdoor living area, from 1st January 2020 you will require a boundary identification survey to accompany the Development Application. 

Northern Beaches council advises:

“This survey helps Council make an accurate assessment of the development as it identifies the property boundary and locates by measurement the buildings, structure and items on the site.

The survey must be prepared and signed by a registered surveyor, showing their name and registration number.

Council will still accept current detail surveys, which are not boundary identification surveys, if dated prior 1 January 2020.”

There are a couple of exceptions, but ultimately if you are renovating externally, they don’t apply. 

If you want to find out more about this directly with council, speak to their Planning Enquiry Officer on P: 1300 434 434

How can we help?

Most of our outdoor living area constructions, such as patio covers & deck extensions do require a Development Application through the local council – we take care of this for our clients. 

I don’t have a survey…help!

That’s fine, we can arrange the site survey as part of our process. 

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