Building out the back in a bushfire zone

In this episode we talk with a bushfire consultant, Stuart McMonnies on the in’s & out’s on construction within a bushfire zone.
Here we’ll discuss:
  • What is a BAL Zone?
  • What are the limitations people need to consider?
  • Can you still use timber within a BAL Zone?
  • What is the process involved in finding out your BAL?
How to contact Stuart & the team at ‘Building Code & Bushfire Hazard Solutions’
P: 9457 6530
Understand your BAL FZ decking options in the link below:
Your patio cover or deck might be in a bushfire zone….so what next?
Do you want to know if you are in a Bushfire Prone area? Click on the link below, insert your address & it will come up if you are in a Bushfire zone. Keep in mind it won’t give you the BAL Zone.
Look to find an accredited Bushfire Practitioner in the link below:

Show notes:

  • Who is Stuart?
  • What to do if you THINK you are in a Bushfire Zone?
  • Speaking to an accredited Bushfire Practitioner
  • Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)
  • Can you just call the council to get your BAL?
  • Obtaining your BAL
  • BAL Zones
    • BAL Low
    • BAL 12.5
    • BAL 19
    • BAL 29
    • BAL 40
    • BAL FZ
  • What does BAL FZ mean?
  • Budgeting within your BAL Zone
  • How much extra does it cost to build in a BAL FZ Zone
  • On site assessment process
  • Vegetation types
  • Clearing land
  • How advice is structured & provided – stage 1
  • Can you still use timber within a BAL Zone?
  • RFS Role
  • Alternate solutions
  • On site water sources & water supply
  • Asset protection zone & landscape plan
  • Ember attack
  • Important tips
  • Confirm you are in a BAL Area
  • Engage a professional practitioner

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