How to pick the correct colours for the exterior of your home

In this episode we talk with Jenny Williams specifically about colour & ensuring you select the perfect colours for your renovations. 

Jenny is the owner of ‘Creative Style Interior Design’ & is one of Sydney’s most experienced and respected interior designers, the author of 3 colour and design iBooks and frequently quoted in the media for her interior design opinions.

Specialising in renovations and new builds, Jenny brings together 25 years’ experience with her extensive knowledge of the latest colour, design and home building trends, to help you create your dream home.

In this episode we’ll discuss:
  • Colour trends
  • Jenny’s renovation consultation process to ensure you select the perfect colours
  • Getting the proportions right in your colours
  • Understanding some common mistakes people make
How to contact Jenny at ‘Creative Style Interior Design’
M: 0416 190 792
P: 02 9029 2236
Here’s a link to a great blog of Jenny’s that is worth a read “The Top 3 Mistakes People Make with Colour”
Need help with getting the right colours for your home? Have a look at the packages Jenny offers HERE
If you love to read & want to know more about decorating your home, Jenny has written 3 books, CLICK HERE to have a closer look. 

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Show notes:

  • Hanging out a shingle & getting started in the business
  • What goes around, comes around.
    Colour Trends over the last number of decades
  • Renovation colour consulting process:
  • What is staying the same & what is changing in the renovation?
    Where is the starting point?
  • Understanding the period & architecture of the home
    Modern federation colours – dark greys & cream vs the traditional federation green
  • What are the clients personal colour preferences?. Will they work with the home?
  • Marrying the new with the old so it coordinates & tells a cohesive story
  • Finding common ground between partners in choosing colours
    He likes blue, she likes red, so what do you do? How to meet in the middle
  • You can almost put any two colours together so long as you get the proportions right
    Main colour = 65%, Feature colour = 25%, Tertiary colour = 10% 
  • Using colour cards
  • Exterior tiles – colours, patten, texture
  • Base colours – generally exterior walling/primary colour
    Furniture over flooring – feature colour
  • Interior design – helping the client at the tile shop, to beat the overwhelm of “Where do I start?”
  • Trying to match the interior flooring to the external flooring
    Adjust according to the ‘divide’ to get the flow & connection
  • Narrowing down the final colour scheme
    Any more than 2 is too much
  • Mistake alert
    Not matching colour bases which can stick out at the lighter end of the colour scheme.
    Putting the colours together to select the base
    The more you darken those colours up the better it can be

    • Get the proportions right to your colour selections
    • Ignoring your existing architecture

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