So what is a Principal Certifying Authority? What do they do? And how do they fit into your home renovation?
A Principal Certifying Authority (now a PC) is something that we use through most of our outdoor living constructions – we often get a lot of questions about who they are, how they fit in, can they just quickly approve a CDC? So I’ve brought in Curtis to discuss this in a little bit more detail & make it clearer. 
In this episode of the ‘Out The Back Door’ Podcast Adrian talks to Curtis Prior from MB Certifications…
  • What exactly is a Principal Certifier? What is their role in your renovation?
  • What does a PC do & what don’t they do?
  • What about inspections for your renovation?
  • Where do you see people fail in their backyard renovations.
  • We talk about a CDC/Complying Development Certificate in a little bit more detail

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Unsure if you need an approval? Check out the Exempt Development Checklist to learn more:

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